Agathidium (A.) petiskai

Differential diagnosis.
Agathidium (A.) petiskai
sp. nov. is very similar to A. (A.) becvari Angelini et Švec, 1994 from China (Yunnan) in size and shape of body head and eyes, the colour of its antenna, absence of sutural striae, by the feebly emarginate clypeus, the ratio of length of antennomeres III/II, by the toothed male femora, and fully developed wings. The new species differs by its stout and conical tarsi, closely rounded top of the median lobe that is broadly rounded in A. becvari; it differs also by the J-shaped basal part of the median lobe that is almost ring-shaped in A.becvari.
Name derivation.
The new species is named to the honour of the well known Czech writers Eduard Petiška and his son Martin whose excellent books inspired me.

Tento druh je pojmenován k poctě známého českého spisovatele Eduarda Petišky a jeho syna Martina, jehož skvělé knížky mne inspirovaly.